Ballet Program

the Vaganova-based Method

The Vaganova method of classical ballet encourages dancing with the entire body. Dancers trained by the Vaganova method will likely have high jumps and powerful turns, aided by the use of the arms.

The Just Dance Ballet program is run by Sara Mills, who has recently been teacher trained in the Vaganova-based Method of teaching classical Ballet. This pure method was created by the late Russian ballerina, Agrippina Vaganova and her syllabus is scientifically based and physiologically sound. Since implementing this methodical way of teaching classical ballet, Just Dance Academy has seen a skyrocket of growth from our students. We are the only studio in Utah County that has this specific type of training and can claim to have a true classical ballet syllabus.

Ballet Company is created for dancers who desire to take their ballet training to its fullest potential. Ballet Company dancers will train in a way that will prepare them to move forward into a university ballet program or a professional career in ballet. These Dancers will have the opportunity to perform in a Ballet Production in the spring that will require additional rehearsals outside of normal class times and weekends. Ballet Company members are placed by audition only.