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Just Dance Utah | 15 Years of Teaching Dance in American Fork, Utah

15 Years of Inspiring Creativity in American Fork


"Back to Dance Week"

During this week we will have fun filled classes for the dancers to get back to dancing

Monday- Ballet with Ballet Director Sara Mills

3:00-4:30- Senior/Teen (Ages 12 +, and intermediate/advance levels)
4:30-5:30- Junior Prep (Ages 6-9, beginning)
5:30-7:00- Junior (ages 8-11, beginning/intermediate)

 Modern with a guest artist from Ririe-Woodbury Company

4:00-5:30  ages 8-11
5:00-6:00  ages 5-8
5:30-7:00 ages 11 +

Thursday- Dancing with the COUGARETTES!!

4:30-5:30- Junior Prep Lyrical- ages 6-9
5:30-6:30- Junior Prep Jazz- ages 6-9
4:30-5:30- Junior  Lyrical- ages 8-11
5:30-6:30- Junior  Jazz- ages 8-11
6:30-7:30- Teen Lyrical -ages 11-15
7:30-8:30- Teen Jazz- ages 11-15
6:30-7:30- Senior Lyrical -ages 12 +
7:30-8:30- Senior Jazz- ages 12+

Thursday- Hip Hop

4:00-5:00 – Ages 5-7 and 8-11
5:00-6:00- 11+

Free Registration August 24-27



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Just Dance Academy is where I learned to love dance.What has been so rewarding for me about Just Dance is that dancing there was about so much more than just doing the right moves,

it was about expressing my soul and about who I was as a person. I learned that I could communicate something more than words through dance and I became addicted to the art form of dance. I am so grateful for the generosity, love, and incredible gift of dance Just Dance Academy has shared with me over the years.

Jenessa Frampton – Middle School Dance Teacher

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Just Dance Teachers


Sara first began her Classical Ballet study at age three under the direction of Jaqueline P. College. She was later admitted into Utah Regional Ballet’s professional track program. After completing...


Ellie Smith has been dancing since the age 3. She had been competing and traveling for dance since she was young. Ellie has been professionally trained in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip...


Chaz has been training since his was just 2 years old. For the last 25 years (minus some for a mission) he has trained in Hip Hop, Ballroom, Contemporary, Ballet,...